APC 850VA Pure Sinewave Home Inverter

The new APC Pure Sinewave Inverter is now available in Bangalore. This newly launched 850VA inverter from APC is a pure sinewave inverter which ensures that your computer doesn’t re-start in case of power failure.

APC 850VA Inverter

This new APC Home UPS model BI850SINE provides enough back up for 2-3 bedroom house. It can be used to support 4 tube lights, 3 fans and 1 television for a continuous back of 3-3.5 hours. And you can use it also for running a computer without any worries of computer re-start in case of power cut.

MRP: Rs.23,400

Our Offer Price: Rs.15,600 Rs.14,750

APC 850VA Inverter Full System SpecificationAPC 850VA BI850 Sine Wave

  • 500 Watt Output, Pure Sinewave Form
  • Supports upto 4 tubelights, 3 fans, 1TV/1Computer & more CFL Bulbs
  • Backup of more than 8 hours for 2 tubelights and 2 fans
  • Automatic changeover within 10 milliseconds
  • Protection from high and low voltage fluctuations
  • Built-in holiday mode to avoid battery discharge during your holidays
  • 2 year comprehensive onsite warranty on inverter
  • Low maintenance battery requiring water top up only once a year
  • Absolutely no health hazards – no fumes, no shocks, child proof
  • Tubular Battery with long life of 5-6 years
  • High capacity C10 Rating 130AH Battery for longer backup time