APC UPS Prices vary as per the capacity of the ups/inverter and also as per the battery capacity that you are getting along with it. For e.g. same APC 850VA UPS can cost you anywhere between Rs.14000 to Rs.16000 depending on what kind of battery you are getting with it. The one with flat type battery and of capacity 100-120AH might be on lower side of price but if you go for tubular batteries in 130AH capacity, the prices will be on higher side. But so are the benefits. Below are the list of APC UPS Prices available at lowest market price.

#1. APC Home UPS Prices:

APC 850VA UPS - BI850SINE + 130AH Tubular Battery Price – Rs.14750 BOOK NOW

APC 1000VA UPS - BI1000I + 2X130AH Ultra Tubular Battery Price – Rs.23900 BOOK NOW

* All 850VA UPS mentioned above comes with a FREE Export Quality Trolley.

#2. APC Computer UPS Prices:

APC 500VA Computer UPS Price – Rs.3100

APC 650VA Computer UPS Price – Rs.3900

APC 800VA Computer UPS Price – Rs.7200

APC 1000VA Computer UPS Price – Rs.8500

APC 1500VA Computer UPS Price – Rs.12400

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