100A battery management system(BMS)

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【Suitable for a variety of cell materials】Motawill 100A BMS system can be used for lithium iron phosphate, ternary lithium, and lithium titanate batteries, with adaptive 15/16 strings.

【Intelligent Management】Various applications of energy storage are inseparable from the protection of battery management systems. Lithium battery BMS can monitor battery status in real time and intelligently manage batteries, which is very important for lithium-ion energy storage systems.

【Multi-protocol docking】BMS adjusts the docking protocol according to the specified inverter. Currently supported PCS brands: Sermatec, Growatt, Deye, Megarevo, goodwe, SMA, Soroups, victron, LUXpower, Jingshi, SRNE.

【Support Customization】Motawill 100A BMS is also available in a variety of colors. In order to welcome world cooperation, we accept OEM with your logo design.

【Good safety】Complete BMS protection function and control system, multiple protection designs for lithium energy storage batteries, such as single-cell overcharge and over-discharge protection, overall overcharge and over-discharge protection, over-current protection, short-circuit protection, and MOS high-temperature protection , battery temperature protection, battery pack protection and other fault protection, etc.

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Project Parameter
Name 100A battery management system(BMS)
Product model XLH-EVP-P100S16
Battery system Lithium iron phosphate / ternary / lithium titanate
Number of battery series Adaptive 15 series / 16 series
Single voltage acquisition accuracy ±5mV
Battery total voltage acquisition accuracy ±0.5%@FSR
Accuracy of current collection 1%@FSR
Cell temperature acquisition channel 4 channel
Maximum charging current 100A
Maximum discharge current 100A
Capacitive load 60000uF
Range of working temperature -30℃~80℃
Recommended working temperature -30℃~70℃
Storage conditions Temperature: -20°C ~ + 45°C
Cooling Natural cooling
Dimension W300*D113*H18 mm
PACK safety certification Support for custom IEC62619 / CE / RCM / UL1973 / CEC
Communication port CAN2.0B*2CH;RS485*1CH;Bluetooth,4G
Dry contact 2 Channel
Parallel connection 15 PACKs
Altitude 3000m
Self-consumption Work<50mA
4G module(OTA) Customizable
Bluetooth module Customizable
Heating module MAX 500W heating power
LCD display module Customizable
TFT Color Screen module Customizable
LED light module Running light: 1pcs, green;
Fault lamp: 1cs, red;
SOC indicator light: 4pcs, blue

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  1. Dave R

    Built two 12V batteries for a project. Use these to manage charge and discharge. Still in the middle of things but they work so far. They are 100A units . Here’s hoping they will maintain the batteries for a good long life period.

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100A battery management system(BMS)100A battery management system(BMS)
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