Motawill 12v 50ah lithium battery

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【Powerful Battery Performance】Compared to lead-acid batteries, Motawill 12v 50ah lithium battery releases 3 times the energy under the same weight.

【Multiple Application Scenarios】Can be applied to kayak trolling motors, portable refrigerators, camping trailers, portable cross-band repeaters, scooters, dual motors, solar and wind powered sailboats, inflatable paddleboard pumps, RVs, children’s electric beach Cars, minivans, campersetc.

【High safety performance】Motawill 12v 50ah lithium battery uses the brand BMS, complete A-level cells, UN38.3, MSDS and other certificates, providing overload, overcharge, short circuit and other protection for the battery and ensuring that the lithium-ion battery is in use or Quality and safety during transportation.

【Long Service Life】Motawill 12v 50ah lithium battery provides up to 5 years of warranty and up to 10 years of service life, and is composed of the most stable lithium iron phosphate cells.

【IP65 Level Protection】The lithium-ion battery has level 6 ingress protection, level 6 dustproof, level 5 waterproof, and 3-minute low-pressure water spray protection.

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Project Parameter
Name Motawill 12v 50ah lithium battery
Nominal Voltage 12.8V
Nominal Current 50Ah
Nominal Capacity 640Wh
Series 4
Parallel 4
Size:(length × width × height) 229x138x208mm / 9.1x5.5x8.2in
Weight 6Kg/13.3Lbs
Cycle Life >4000cycle (0.2C,25℃,90%DOD)
Ingress Protection Rating (IP65>IP55) IP65 (Highest level of protection from dust, protection from low pressure water spraying for 3 minutes)
Standard Charge Voltage 14.6±0.2V
Standard Charge Current 10A,5℃(41℉)< @T <55℃(131℉)
Allowed Max. Charge Current 50A,5℃(41℉)< @T <55℃(131℉)
Standard Discharge Current 50A,-15℃(5℉)< @T <70℃(158℉)
Allowed Max. Continuous Discharge Current 75A,-15℃(5℉)< @T <70℃(158℉)
Allowed Max. Pulse Discharge Current(long pulse) 100A,@T<3min or @T <70℃(158℉)
Allowed Max. Pulse Discharge Current(short pulse) 150A,@T<3s or @T <70℃(158℉)
Storage Temperature 5℃(41℉)< @T <55℃(131℉)
Terminal M8(The overcurrent capacity of the plug exceeds the battery capacity by 1.5C)
Package Dangerous Goods Packaging Certificate
Battery Ceryifications UN38.3(Battery)、Msds(Battery)、ios9001 (Brand Certification), etc
Insurance Product liability insurance

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  1. Brandon Tarbet

    12V50Ah lithium battery is lighter and more durable

    Since it has built-in voltage management and charge regulator, it can easily replace lead-acid batteries that only last up to a year. Lithium batteries are the safest and most reliable lithium batteries. Typically last about 5 years or more and can handle thousands of charge cycles, not to mention they distribute less weight than the competition.

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Motawill 12v 50ah lithium batteryMotawill 12v 50ah lithium battery
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