Top 10 pure sine wave inverter companies in China

Top 10 pure sine wave inverter companies
This article intriduce the top 10 pure sine wave inverter companies, they are Sungrow, Solis, MOTAWILL, DEYE, Kehua, KSTAR, Hoymiles, Goodwe, SINENG, APsystems.
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    Top 10 pure sine wave inverter companies list

    The top 10 pure sine wave inverter companies list includes Sungrow, Solis, MOTAWILL, DEYE, Kehua, KSTAR, Hoymiles, Goodwe, SINENG, APsystems.

    Rank Company
    1 Sungrow
    2 Solis
    4 DEYE
    5 Kehua
    6 KSTAR
    7 Hoymiles
    8 Goodwe
    9 SINENG
    10 APsystems


    Established date 1997
    Company location Hefei, Anhui
    Company website

    Sungrow is a company specializing in new energy power equipment, with a focus on solar energy, wind energy, energy storage, hydrogen power, electric vehicles, and more.

    Sungrowpower team

    In 2019, they achieved a global rank of first place with an inverter shipment of 100 million kW. In 2022, they successfully developed the world’s first 35kV medium-voltage direct-attached photovoltaic inverter, which has passed multiple international certifications and is mass-produced in over 150 countries and regions worldwide.

    As of December 2022, the company has cumulatively installed over 340 GW of inverter equipment globally.


    Business scope: encompasses photovoltaic inverters, energy storage systems, new energy investment and development, wind power converters, photovoltaic power station generation, and electric vehicle drive systems, water surface photovoltaics, charging station equipment, intelligent operation and maintenance, and renewable energy hydrogen production systems.

    Sungrowpower product

    Main inverter products: include residential inverters, string inverters, 1+X modular inverters, and central inverters.

    Total market value: CNY 1,193.32 billion


    Established date 2005
    Company location Ningbo, Zhejiang
    Company website

    Solis is specializing in the research, production, sales, and service of core equipment for photovoltaic power generation systems. They are the world’s third-largest inverter manufacturer.

    Solis company

    Main inverter products: include photovoltaic inverters and energy storage inverters.

    The photovoltaic inverters are categorized into three-phase string inverters (covering a power range of 5 kW to 230 kW) and single-phase string inverters (covering a power range of 0.7 kW to 10 kW).

    The three-phase series products are mainly used in medium to large residential, commercial distributed, and ground-based power station generation systems, while the single-phase series products are mainly applied in residential and small-scale commercial photovoltaic power generation systems.

    Solis inverter

    Energy storage inverters are divided into three-phase energy storage string inverters (covering a power range of 5 kW to 10 kW), single-phase energy storage string inverters (covering a power range of 3 kW to 10 kW), and pure off-grid energy storage string inverters (covering a power range of 4 kW to 5 kW). Energy storage inverters are mainly used in small to medium-sized residential or small-scale commercial energy storage scenarios.

    Solis product

    Cooperative clients: EPCOS, nichicon, NCC, TDK, Wieland, Panasonic, TOSHIBA, VISHAY, infineon.

    Total market value: CNY 317.99 billion


    Established date 2007
    Company location Guangzhou, Guangdong
    Company website

    MOTAWILL is a company focused on the research, production, and sale of power solutions. They are dedicated to providing industry-leading 12V pure sine wave inverters, 12V lithium batteries, BMS, and high-quality battery cells (18650, 21700 lithium/sodium-ion battery cells) to deliver the most reliable and efficient power solutions to their customers.

    MOTAWILL inverter

    MOTAWILL boasts a highly experienced team of engineers committed to pushing technological frontiers to ensure their best inverter products remain industry leaders in terms of performance, efficiency, and reliability.

    MOTAWILL product

    Main inverter products: includes a variety of best pure sine wave inverters, with power ratings such as 500W, 1000W, 2000W, and 3000W.

    best inverter - MOTAWILL

    These inverters are known for their extremely low idle current, the use of top-tier brand components, industry-leading real-time data monitoring accuracy of up to 98%, pure copper cabling, short-circuit protection, and the development of their own management chips to ensure outstanding durability.


    Established date 2000
    Company location Ningbo, Zhejiang
    Company website

    Deye Technology Co., Ltd. was formerly known as Ningbo Deye Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. and entered the inverter and energy storage industry in 2016. Inverters are the primary products in their circuit control series, covering the fields of photovoltaic grid connection and energy storage.

    DEYE building

    They have developed a product matrix that includes energy storage, microgrid, and string inverter products, thanks to their independent research and development of three-level SVPWM drive technology, single-phase and three-phase phase-locked loop technology, and MPPT algorithms for solar control systems.

    DEYE company

    Business scope: mainly comprises a full range of photovoltaic inverters, energy storage battery packs, environmental appliances represented by dehumidifiers, and heat exchangers.

    DEYE product

    Main inverter products: include string inverters (1.5KW-110KW), energy storage inverters (3KW-12KW), and microgrid inverters (300W-2000W).


    Established date 1988
    Company location Zhangzhou, Fujian
    Company website

    Kehua Data has deep roots in the power electronics field, originally focusing on the production of UPS power supplies and related products.

    Kehua team

    They ventured into the renewable energy sector in 2007 with the introduction of solar inverters and have since broadened their scope to cover high-end power, data centers, new energy photovoltaics, and electric vehicle charging.


    Main inverter products: include String Inverters and Central Inverters.

    Kehua inverter


    Established date 1993
    Company location Shenzhen, Guangdong
    Company website

    KSTAR is a company dedicated to providing intelligent network power supply solutions in the data center (IDC) and new energy sectors.


    They excel in core infrastructure products for data centers, photovoltaic power generation systems, energy storage systems, and electric vehicle charging. They offer integrated solutions that are widely applied in various industries.

    KSTAR team

    Main inverter products: include String Inverters, Central Inverters, and Container Inverters.

    KSTAR inverter


    Established date 2012
    Company location Hangzhou, Zhejiang
    Company website

    Hoymiles Corporation is involved in the research, development, manufacturing, and sales of power conversion equipment for solar inverters and other electrical systems. Their products are widely used in distributed photovoltaic power generation systems worldwide.

    Hoymiles company

    Main inverter products: microinverters and monitoring equipment. Hoymiles microinverters come in a range of power ratings from one to six modules and cover a rated power range from 250W to 2250W, making them suitable for applications with 182/210 high-power photovoltaic modules.


    Their products offer advantages in power density, power range, conversion efficiency, parallel stability, and real-time data accuracy. They use pure copper wiring, include short-circuit protection, and have independently developed management chips, ensuring high-quality and durable products.

    Hoymiles product


    Established date 2010
    Company location Suzhou, Jiangsu
    Company website

    Goodwe has a long-term focus on research, production, and sales of new energy power equipment, especially in solar energy and energy storage. They have developed a wide range of photovoltaic inverters covering power ratings from 0.7 kW to 320 kW. They are committed to providing holistic energy management solutions for homes, businesses, and ground-based solar power plants.

    GOODWE building

    Business scope: offers a complete building energy internet solution, integrating photovoltaic grid-tied inverters, photovoltaic energy storage inverters, off-grid photovoltaic inverters, intelligent data loggers, photovoltaic construction materials, energy storage batteries, charging piles, and smart energy management systems to form a comprehensive microgrid that bridges generation, distribution, and consumption. This supports various scenarios, including smart homes, smart factories, smart buildings, and smart parks.

    GOODWE company

    Main inverter products: photovoltaic grid-tied inverters, photovoltaic energy storage inverters, intelligent data loggers, and the SEMS smart energy management system.

    GOODWE inverter


    Established date 2012
    Company location Wuxi, Jiangsu
    Company website

    SINENG is a company that specializes in the research, manufacturing, and sale of power electronics products.


    Business scope: In the photovoltaic sector, they provide comprehensive photovoltaic power generation solutions that cover the full power range from 3 kW to 8800 kW in photovoltaic inverters.

    In the energy storage sector, they provide comprehensive energy storage system solutions, with a complete series of energy storage inverters and system integration products using centralized and string-based technologies.

    SINENG company

    In the field of power quality, SINENG offers comprehensive solutions for power quality governance.

    Their scope of business includes photovoltaic inverters, energy storage systems, power quality governance, power station development, and more.

    Main inverter products: consist of string inverters, centralized inverters, and distributed inverters.

    SINENG product


    Established date 2009
    Company location Jiaxing, Zhejiang
    Company website

    APsystems is dedicated to the research and industrialization of MLPE (Module Level Power Electronics) technology. They mainly engage in the research, production, and sale of component-level power electronics devices for distributed photovoltaic systems.

    APsystems building

    Business scope: includes microinverters, intelligent module cutoff devices, energy storage systems, energy communication, and monitoring and analysis systems.

    APsystems company

    Main inverter products: MLPE products and distributed photovoltaic application solutions, covering microinverters, component-level cutoff devices, EMA databases, operational platforms, energy storage systems, and more.

    APsystems product

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